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California White Sage

I'm celebrating ABUNDANCE harvesting sage from my own garden and making bundles to share with fellow healers/Natives/friends. Home-grown with love native Californian “incense” for this yogini, also with respect to Natives who have shared their healing rituals with me and we’ve compared notes comparing the crossover between Native and Eastern systems.

I'm really excited about how my HOME-GROWN WHITE SAGE is taking off so that I can share the love. I prefer to grow my own rather than buy, as white sage is currently being over-harvested in an unsustainable way by the New Age scene and NOT being properly replenished or re-planted. This is a NATIVE plant to Cali (and a ritual from NATIVE Americans) so I do my best to RESPECT THE NATIVES of this land, share their own healing herbs with them, and cultivate it in a sustainable way (rather than pillaging Natives more than they’ve already been pillaged- both land and people). I would love to seed-bomb Cali with these bushes and replenish! Working on creating clones of these to share as well. I hope they take off. 🌱🌿🍃


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