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Saku is a yogini, musician, and dancer of South Asian heritage who received her yoga certification in Bangalore, India, her BFA Multi-focus Percussion Performance from California Institute of the Arts, and MM Commercial Music Composition and K-12 teaching credentials from CSULA.  She is also a NCCPT certified personal trainer, a certified Life Coach with specialties in Transformation and Emotional Intelligence, a certified Reiki practitioner, and is currently studying trauma-informed yoga therapy and EFT/TFT healing modalities.  


Yoga, along with a healthy plant-based diet and recognizing the divine feminine,  are necessary complements to her dance regiment, as well as all other aspects of life:  playing drums of the East and West, performing music, producing music, dancing, MCing punk rock shows and solidarity festivals, DJing and/or dancing for South Asian LGBTQ events, maintaining a circulated body through long flights to South Asia and back, smashing patriarchy and toxic masculinity on both sides of the globe, and changing the planet through her activism for LGBTQ, people of color, feminism, and animals.  

Yoga has always been her cross-training for her classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance training regiments, as well as healing and  maintaining her overall peace of mind and balance in life.  She uses this experience to unwind some of the greatest minds in the world, as she is the current evening yoga instructor for NASA in Pasadena, CA.

She believes in the bounty of healing that Mother Earth provides through herbs and plants, and also believes in living in harmony with her.  She regularly visits and shares notes with her relatives in the Ayurvedic medicine field in Sri Lanka.

Born and raised in Theravada Buddhism, she has expanded her spirituality to include gender balanced and Goddess-workshipping Tantric Buddhism and meditation techniques.  

She also believes in providing necessary healing for social justice activists so that they can recharge and continue doing the important planet-changing work that they do without burning out.  It is important to her to get healing yoga to various communities of classes, cultures, and genders in order to bring inner and outer union, harmony, and balance to them (for both individuals and community).  A little yoga works wonders for destroying toxic masculinity and properly balancing feminine and masculine energies in any culture!

She applies the Sanskrit definition of yoga, which is “union”, to her multicultural and diverse lifestyle as she flows through the different worlds of punk, hip hop, and other musical styles and worlds, practicing Eastern spirituality in the West, and raising vibrations smashing patriarchy in activism in various cultural and LGBTQ communities.

She teaches and performs locally and internationally.

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