Tantric Love

Partner Yoga

Manifest a deeper connection and spiritual bond with your partner.  



Your love is like a tree.  It needs the proper balance of sunshine, water, and nutrients, or it will die.  Too much or not enough of any of those will also kill it.  Only the proper combinations of seeds planted together, with balanced care, will grow into solid unshakeable trees, abundantly overflowing with the well-earned fruits of your shared labor, and strong enough to weather any storm.  

Commit to the well-being of yourself and your partner.  This is a wonderful opportunity to love and be loved, hear and be heard, see and be seen, hold and be held, all with 100% focus and no distractions. 

Regardless of your gender, masculine and feminine energies will be balanced in this Tantric meditation and partner yoga session with your loved one. 

Let your breaths become one and flow together as you open, release, take turns being the rock, find balance as you support each other, communicate, touch, feel, build trust, release doubts, and laugh with your partner through the journey of this class, and your life. 


We will close the session with pranayama (breathwork to enhance life force), and apply the breathing to a bonding Tantric meditation ritual. 


Trust the love that the universe provides and surrounds you with for all aspects of life, and through the gift of your partner.


Suitable for all levels.  

All orientations and combinations of genders welcome.