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She has personally overcome dysfunctional family dynamics, being a dark-skinned South Asian womon raised in the West while navigating Eurocentric beauty standards of both the West and newly-freed-but-still-mentally-colonized East.  She has fought patriarchal  expectations from both sides of the globe.  She lives in recovery from CPTSD, trauma, and depression.


What changes do you want to make to your life?  What are you not satisfied with?  What patterns keep repeating themselves over and over again and you don't know why?  Sakuntala has spent over 20 years studying healing arts of the East and West, so you don't have to spend as long trying to figure out how to experience the change, relief, and recovery we all need to not only make your own life happier, but also to make the world a better place to live in.  Your well-being affects everyone around you.    

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Her own healing journey has led her to receive education, training, and certifications in Yoga, Reiki, bodywork, fitness personal training, dance, music, education, Women's Studies (now called Gender Studies), trauma-informed yoga therapy, and EFT/TFT.

Sakuntala has mastered turning lemons into lemonade through her own personal healing work, and now with her certifications in Life Coaching with specialties in Emotional Intelligence and Transformation, she brings her own unique blend of healing transformation to you.  

Book your free strategy call to see if you are a fit to work together towards breaking bad patterns, habits, and/or generational trauma and achieving your goals.  

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