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Transform Your Home and Your Heart From Mess to Sanctuary in Six Weeks.
April 20th-June 1st



When your home is constantly an overwhelming mess, it's more than just "stuff".  It's not as simple as "just tidying up".  If you feel like you're chronically disorganized, messy, and overwhelmed, it can have a major emotional impact on you and your life.

You may find yourself embarrassed of your home, never having people over because of the clutter.  

Your self-esteem suffers, as you wonder why you can't seem to get a handle on your home, no matter how many Marie Kondo episodes you watch or organizational articles you read.

Maybe you've even hired professional organizers or cleaners before to help you get a handle on your stuff, only to feel like it barely made a dent, or a few weeks later you were right back where you started.

You might feel sentimental about your items, and struggle to let things go, even though you know that you're holding onto things you don't use, rarely look at, and don't have enough space to keep.  

This is deeper than just "stuff".

If you can relate to this, I first want to let you know that you are not alone, and it is not your fault.  

It is more than just stuff, and there's a reason you haven't been able to shift this through using traditional organizational tips.

What you may not know, is that many people who suffer from depression and PTSD/CPTSD tend to have messy homes, because of issues with not understanding self-care or self-love. This can be due to dysfunctional upbringings, or events that happened early in life, that have never been fully resolved within us, and are making themselves known through our homes.  

Having the ongoing stress of mess and clutter contributes to increased cortisol, the stress hormone.  And living with increased cortisol levels over time contributes to anxiety, depression, and brain fog, which keeps us struggling to harness the executive function required to clean and organize our homes. 

That means for us, the process of creating the clean, organized home sanctuary we crave is only partially about cleaning up our space.  The rest of it is about healing our wounded inner child, and reparenting ourselves by creating a safe, loving home for ourselves.  

In order to do that, we must utilize an organizational approach that decreases stress response, rather than increases it.  Which is why I will guide you through my own healing organizational approach, that is centered on Karma Yoga. 

Harmony Within:  Decluttering Dysfunction through Karma Yoga


With Saku

April 20th - June 1st, 2024

Hi, I'm Saku! 


I'm a wellness expert, educator, healer, and artist who has been through my own share of suffering and trauma.  

Let me tell you a little story....

I left my folks' uncomfortably pristine yet highly dysfunctional nest decades ago, I spent many years rebelling with a messy pad..

It was cool at first, but slowly I began to realize I was wasting my precious time and energy, and blocking my blessings with my mess. 

South Asian yoga teacher

I was started to accumulate things.  Items were increasingly harder to find, which led me to wasting money on buying duplicates of stuff I already had, then having all these dupes cluttering up the space in my home. 


I was always apologizing to people about the state of my home if they came over.  I knew something needed to change.   

But then I got hit with a doozy:

My aging folks, who had been living separately and independently for years, both moved to significantly smaller homes. 

Suddenly, a ton of stuff from both of their homes got dumped onto my already disorganized place.  I didn't have enough room for all this crap, let alone what I already had!

Belongings from my teenage bedrooms and other family items all got dumped into my house.  I didn't know what to do. 

I couldn't afford the extra bill of a storage space elsewhere, so my messy home quickly shifted from being an embarrassing annoyance, to an emergency I had to handle immediately. 

A lot of the things had emotional charge I didn't want to relive nor remember.  It was overwhelming!

As a healer and wellness expert, I'd been through a lot of trainings and healing modalities to support me on my own journey, and help me heal others. I've studied yoga/tantra, Reiki, EFT/TFT tapping, and trauma informed yoga.  But in all my years of training, I had never seen the correlation between my inner world and the state of my home.

But I was determined to solve this problem.

At this time, I took a detailed course in clutter clearing, and was shocked to learn that many people who suffer from depression and PTSD/CPTSD tend to have messy homes because of issues with not understanding self-care and self-love due to dysfunctional upbringings.  

Suddenly, everything clicked.

I realized why I struggled with homemaking for most of my adult life.

With this new understanding in place, I was able to finally change my relationship with my items, my space, and my home, as well as making major strides in healing myself emotionally.

I blended what I learned from this course with my own gentle, loving, healing work, to create a program designed to help you finally heal from a lifetime of clutter -- inside and out.

Do I have a perfect magazine quality home all the time now?  Ha ha, NO!  I am a work in progress, just like you. 

Healing from dysfunction and trauma is a journey, and we all improve over time. 

Creating your sanctuary is a part of your overall healing journey, and it will continue to unfold for you for years to come.

I am SO MUCH tidier and more organized today than before I was when the contents of my parents' homes got dropped on my doorstep. 

I still have some dishes in the sink and socks on the floor, because I am a human being. 
But overall, I live a sanctuary lifestyle. I love my home and my space. 
If I want to have company over, I can get my pad presentable quickly, with minimal tidying.

I don't have to make excuses and tell people not to come.

For someone who used to think of themselves as a "slob", this is insane progress!

If I can get to this point, so can you!

Harmony Within:  Decluttering Dysfunction through Karma Yoga

With Saku

April 20th - June 1st, 2024

The Karma Yoga approach that we will use in Harmony Within is a completely different way of approaching organizing that you've tried in the past. 

Karma Yoga is the path of "selfless service and action." Selfless service and action means actions we take without attachment to the outcome

The point of this program is not the perfect house.  You don't need the perfect house, and the pressure for perfection may be part of what's kept you overwhelmed in the past. 

In this process, you'll embrace that the point isn't the outcome.

The point is the journey.  

Over our six weeks together, I'll give you clear instructions on how to practice using housekeeping as a healing tool.  With support from me and the community, you will gradually transform your home through consistent action, without focus on a final destination. 

The byproduct of the journey is the tidy and uniquely organized home that's just for you, that you know how tomaintain, thanks to the six weeks of practice you'll have during the program.

The byproduct of the journey is the increasingly wonderful home and self-care as a healing tool. The journey is consistent, attachment-free action.

Each small step you take is divine action toward your higher power. 

Most of us are trained to think a "clean and pristine" home is a destination, and not reaching it or maintaining it is a failure.  This creates pressure, stress, and avoidance.  By approaching creating and maintaining our home sanctuary as a Karma Yoga practice, we release attachments to a "perfect" outcome, and embrace the path of the attachment-free, selfless action.

We find ourselves healing from the inside out, and creating behaviors that are easy to maintain over time, shifting our relationship with our homes, and our selves. 

What to expect:

Every week, you will learn about the sacred aspects of a room in your home (bedroom, bathroom, etc), and receive CLEAR instructions and guidance on how to make decisions quickly and clear out the junk. 

Using a Karma Yoga approach, I'll support you through transforming one area of your home at a time, so that it feels uplifting and manageable to take action.  Room by room, you'll transform each part of your home into an uplifting beautiful space that you enjoy.  


If you don't happen to have one area that we're covering (like an attic or garage), then you can use that week to continue working on another space that needs more time.  You might need 2 or more weeks in one space, and this is fine.  If you have fewer rooms in your home, you'll have more time to dedicate to beautifying each area.  


Every week, we will have a group decluttering and cleaning session together.  It is magic decluttering and sharing in community!  We will share with others and chat while decluttering, making decisions, and listening to some jams.  You'll be able to ask questions and get feedback and support from me as you go along.

Every day, we will have check-ins and affirmations within our FB group to reaffirm your new habits and Karma Yoga practice so that by the end of our 6 weeks together, these habits will feel automatic.  This self-love will radiate to other parts of your life and improve them, as well.

Through this process...

You will release stagnation to open yourself up for new possibilities and opportunities.

You will begin to heal from the inside out, as you embrace an important aspect of self-love and care.  This will set you up for success manifesting what you want to create in other aspects of your life.

You'll begin to enjoy a home you feel comfortable having guests over in. 


You'll heal isolation and shame, and find a deeper sense of self-esteem and pride in yourself and your life.

You'll experience accomplishment as you heal an issue that you've never been able to get to the root of before.

You will have me right there with you in a gentle, loving, and supportive Facebook community with other people who can relate to what you're going through.  

You will learn to enforce and practice your new habits with love and support, keeping your home in this more uplifting new way, as you clear the old dysfunctional ways. 


You will begin to heal the correlation between your trauma and your mess.   As your place looks better, you'll feel better, more energized, and you will notice the rest of your life change for the better as a result of this important and often overlooked inner work.  

You'll learn how to use the new skills you learn here as a soothing tool of self-care, healing, and self-love.  If you're having a bad day, you will have the tools you'll need to catch yourself and get back on track before it becomes a mountain of clutter again.   

Live calls will be scheduled via poll within the group, so that the majority of the group members can participate.  If you can't attend a live call, don't worry, the replays will be there, and I will be here to answer questions. 

You'll also have our private FB group you can drop questions in and I'll be happy to answer.

We will support each other in community.  Sometimes you'll feel stuck and need big support to let go of an item.  We will give it to you, and we will have each others' backs!

Professional organizers are costly, and don't consider the emotional challenges nor healing we need to organize and declutter.

Professional organizers can cost over $300 just for a consultation which includes zero help on decision-making about your stuff, and a hefty bill for their shelving supplies they'll have you buy.  You can easily spend over $1300 just for one closet.

Professional organizers can charge you for organizational systems that might not even work for your lifestyle, and doesn't take what's going on inside your day-to-day into account.  So you can end up with a bunch of expensive shelving and your stuff still on the floor!

Many professional organizers charge $90-170+ an hour for a minimum of four hours.  For many of us, the job of cleaning and organizing our homes will take far more than four hours, especially if we get hung up on emotional charge and freeze responses that can come with a stranger coming in handling our things.  This can get very costly, very fast.  

And after spending all that money, professional organizers won't help you at all with maintenance nor developing and changing habits after they leave.  This is why many of us may get everything organized once.... but find ourselves still struggling with mess just a few days later.  

In Harmony Within, we are not just organizing.  We are healing dysfunctional upbringing, addressing traumas, reparenting our inner child, transforming our toxic patterns into healthy habits, learning and practicing how to love ourselves, creating our own unique sanctuary that matches our healing journey, and literally cultivating Harmony Within.  

Karma Yoga

Commit to the 6-week Harmony Within program and travel this journey with the guidance, love, and support you need to cultivate this important aspect of self-care and self-love that many of us didn't learn as kids. 

Harmony Within:  Decluttering Dysfunction through Karma Yoga

With Saku

April 20th - June 1st, 2024

This program is for you if...

You are fed up of not being as "together" as other people, and ready for lasting change to enjoy your life in your home.  

You're ready to save time an dmoney by no longer looking for stuff in a mountain of clutter, or wasting money buying duplicates of items you already have.  

Your mess currently feels overwhelming, hard, like a mountain to climb, and you are ready to receive the clear instruction and support you need to tackle your home, one section at a time, without fear of losing any belongings that you love.  

You've struggled with chronic indecisiveness, a scatter-brained state, mental fog, anxiety, procrastination, and even depression, and can feel how this is connected directly to the mess and clutter in your home.

You are ready to make the changes necessary to improve your well-being, starting with your home, and see how this postiviely impacts your mental and emotional well-being.  

You're excited to see how to apply the concepts and practice of Karma Yoga to your home, and feel how this is an entirely different approach to cleaning and organization, that finally makes this transformation "stick" when nothing else has.  

You need love, support, and guidance on getting your home together, from a compassionate guide who has been there and gets it.  

You're willing to get uncomfortable and accept loving support and clear instructions you need to get through this process as you commit to your transformation.

You are ready to provide yourself the lovely peaceful home that you deserve to live in (and should have been raised in), by using this Karma Yoga approach. 


You are excited to reparent your inner child through creating your sanctuary home.  

You are ready to learn an important way to love yourself, develop the habits that come with loving yourself, in community with others who are on this path with you.  

You are willing to keep practicing what you've learned with loving guidance and affirmations until they become automatic, and your home becomes your true sanctuary.

If you said yes to two or more of these things, this six-week program is for you!

We begin this journey April 20th, and transform your space from mess to sanctuary in 6 weeks.   

  • Harmony Within

    Valid for 6 weeks
  • Harmony Within Bi-weekly

    Every 2 weeks
    Valid for 6 weeks
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