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Warrior Lodge

Men, you need a break. You've been through too much, and you have suppressed that pain for so long. You need a supportive place to let that crap go and heal.  Your loved ones need your healing, courage, power, and strength. Your brothers on this planet are suffering and they need you. The entire other half of the population of this planet needs you.  Are you strong enough to heal mankind, starting with yourself?

We welcome you to gather together, challenge the status quo of the unrealistic expectations this society has put onto you, look into the mirror and within, and begin the healing work of facing yourselves, balancing and expressing yourselves, supporting each other, hearing each other, owning your shit, and emerging as the powerful and divine men you were always meant to be. 

This lodge is for true warriors who want to see relief and change within and all around them. This is not for the weak. 

If you have Netflix or know somebody who does, please watch the film, "The Mask You Live In" before attending. Let's get to work.

ALL men of all fitness levels and orientations are invited. Homophobia will not be tolerated.

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