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Valentine Challenge!
February 12th-16th

Do you have difficulty expressing your needs and getting them met, not just on Valentine's Day, but year-round?  


Your needs, desires, and wishes matter!   You deserve to feel loved and adored, and you deserve to have your efforts reciprocated and matched.  

Do one or more of these sound like you?  

You love all the passion and romance of Valentine's Day and are hoping that your partner will do something nice for you, but bracing to be disappointed.  

You usually give more than you receive in your relationships, and Valentine's Day is a bitter reminder of how unappreciated you usually feel in relationships.  

You are dating somebody new and don't want to come off as too demanding or high-maintenance.  

You are in a long-term relationship and missing the passion you used to share.  

You are single, don't want to repeat toxic cycles of the past, and are looking to manifest a healthy and balanced relationship full of the warmth you crave.  And you want to enjoy your Valentine's Day either way, solo or on a date.  

Whether you are single, newly partnered, or partnered for years, how can you get better at communication, expressing yourself, and getting your needs met?  


Hi, I'm Saku.

I know what this feels like and have unfortunately been there myself!  I've learned my share of lessons the hard way and have had lots of practice refining turning lemons into lemonade through my own personal healing journey, which has led me to receive education, training, and certifications in Yoga, Reiki, bodywork, fitness personal training, dance, music, education, Women's Studies (now called Gender Studies), trauma-informed yoga therapy, EFT/TFT, and life coaching with specialties in Emotional Intelligence and Transformation.  I combine my healing modalities of the East and West into my own personal healing system to bring a unique healing transformational experience to you.

During this 5-day challenge, you will:

- learn a little about South Asian culture and practice eastern healing techniques to soothe anxiety

- join a community of supportive like-minded folks going through the same challenges as you  

- receive a free workbook with activities to fill out with me every day of the challenge

- learn about and practice healthy communication and get opportunities to practice

- we will go live at 3pm EST / 12pm PST every day where you will be able to ask questions and practice your communication and healing skills with me

- Can't do that time?  No problem, replays will be sent to you and I'll be happy to answer questions emailed to me

- learn how to get comfortable expressing your needs without coming off as selfish or demanding

- discover wants and needs you didn't even know you had, and then learn to get what you want and need

- learn about patterns in your relationships and how to begin shifting them for the better

- learn to begin cultivating more reciprocity in your relationships

- learn about parts of your brain, how they function in relationships, and how you can make them work for you

After this 5-day challenge, you will:

Are you ready to learn how to finally get your needs met and feel more loved on and adored?

- feel more confident asking for and receiving what you want and need

- have tools to manage stress and anxiety when you don't feel confident enough to ask

- have more understanding about why your love life is the way it is, recurring patterns and all

- carry loving Valentines vibes all year long, single or partnered

- have better communication skills

- have a better understanding of they dynamics of your relationships

Commit to this 5-day challenge February 12th-16th and find out how.  

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