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From Chaos to Calm:  A FREE Three Day Workshop on Creating Your Sanctuary Home
Available to you RIGHT NOW!

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Does your home look as chaotic as your emotions and life right now? 

Did you know that messy homes can be a symptom of unresolved trauma you might have going on?

Do you need some love, support, and guidance getting your home and emotional well-being together?   


You keep kicking yourself for not being as "together" as other people.  (They probably haven't endured the life experiences that you have.  Functioning and "adulting" while recovering from trauma, dysfunctional relationships, addictions of your own and/or loved ones, and toxic family dynamics is so all-consuming and so hard.  I've been there!) 

Your place is always too messy to have company over, so you isolate, or always do social activities outside of your home.  You feel ashamed that even though you do have a place, it is too overwhelming and too much of a task to do THAT MUCH WORK, just to have company over for a few hours.  So you just stay in the place where the shame starts and feel worse about it over time, in a self-feeding downward spiral (it can be easier to scroll, drink, or engage in vices than tackle the mess, to cheer yourself up from feeling so bad about the mess). 

You're often indecisive, scatter-brained, and suffer from mental fog and maybe even depression.  

Figuring out where to start with all your mess feels so overwhelming, hard, and feels like a mountain to climb.  

Your family life was so dysfunctional that nobody ever taught you how to keep a nice place, or they used punishments making housekeeping such an unpleasant experience you still loathe, but know you must suck up and do as part of "adulting".  Escape and comfort feel better than facing basic chores we all must handle as adults.  

You cringe when people say "Just love yourself" because nobody taught you how.

Do one or more of these sound like you?

Have you tried organization systems, reading organization books and magazines, watching homekeeping TV shows, and you just feel so bad and ashamed about yourself that you just can't get it together or maintain it like most other folks do?  Do you feel shame and guilt, wondering why such a "basic life skill" like keeping an organized home feels so unattainable and out of reach for you?  

Upset Stomach

If so, I need you to know that this is not your fault.  There are hidden inner blocks that you're experiencing connected to upbringing and trauma that are keeping you from being able to create a home that truly feels like your sanctuary. 


"Ok, so HOW do I do it?"  you ask...

This is the question at the core of my From Chaos to Calm:  Creating Your Sanctuary Home Three-Day workshop. 

None of this is our fault.  We had unusual circumstances that most people cannot relate to, and our journey is different from theirs.  But this CAN be fixed, and the changes you make can last forever.

If you said yes to two or more of these things, this FREE three-day workshop is for you!  

Hi, I'm Saku!  Let me tell you a bit about myself:  I'm a wellness expert, educator, healer, and artist who has been through my own share of suffering and trauma.  In addition to therapy, I learned, and continue to learn, various healing modalities not only to help others, but also to help heal myself.  Some of the tools up my sleeve include yoga/tantra, fitness training (I'm a certified personal trainer and my yoga certification was completed in India), Reiki, EFT/TFT tapping, and trauma-informed yoga therapy.  As transformationally healing as these skillsets were and drastically helped me along my healing journey, I did not see the correlation between my healing work and the state of my home for the longest time... 

Saku squat SD 2021.jpg

Since I left my folks' uncomfortably pristine yet highly dysfunctional nest decades ago, I spent many years rebelling with a messy pad...  It was cool at first, but then I realized that while my mess wasn't super crazy unmanageable, it was crazy enough to waste my precious time and energy, blocking my blessings.   I was started to accumulate things.  Items were increasingly harder to find, which led me to wasting money on buying repeats of stuff I already had, then having all these repeats live in some random spot in my home among other things.  I was always apologizing to people about the state of my home if they came over.  Something needed to change.  And then, the doozy:  

My aging folks (divorced since the 90s) both moved to significantly smaller homes and a ton of stuff from both of their homes were dumped onto my already imperfectly organized place that just didn't have enough room for all this crap, let alone my own.  I had my own bedroom at each of my parents' previous homes (since I was a teenager), and now the entire contents of my bedrooms AND other stuff of the house was all dumped on me within a month.  I wasn't gonna take on an extra bill of a storage space elsewhere, so this situation became an emergency I had to handle immediately.  A lot of the things had emotional charge I didn't want to relive nor remember.  

Feeling overwhelmed about the situation I was in and unable to afford professional organizers for THIS MUCH STUFF, I took a detailed course in clutter clearing, and was shocked to learn that many people who suffer from depression and PTSD/CPTSD tend to have messy homes because of issues with not understanding self-care and self-love due to dysfunctional upbringings.  !!!  I had no idea, everything clicked about why I myself struggled with homemaking for most of my adult life, and then I added my own kind, gentle, supportive, and loving approach to this process and have turned it into a healing modality in itself for folks who suffer from dysfunction and are trying to get it together and heal.  

Do I have a perfect magazine quality home all the time now?  Ha ha, NO!  I am a work in progress, just like you!  Healing up from dysfunction and trauma is a journey, and I improve over time, just like you will.  Creating your sanctuary is a part of your overall healing journey!

I am SO MUCH tidier and organized today than before I was forced to start my sanctuary-creating journey a couple years ago.  I still have some dishes in the sink and socks on the floor, because I am an imperfect human being and a work in progress.  But guess what?  I overall live a sanctuary lifestyle now compared to a couple years ago, and if I want to have company over, I can get my pad together and presentable in under 1-2 hours (depending on what's going on in my life, because the ups and downs of life will keep happening).  I don't have to make excuses and tell people not to come.  For a recovering slob like me, this is insane progress!  If I can get to this point, so can you!

What to expect:

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a blueprint to create your own sanctuary which reflects the best version of yourself that you strive to be and are proud of.

Many people don't know how to love themselves.  Here, you will learn an important aspect of self-love and care that will set you up for success manifesting what you want to create in your life.

You'll get all the information you need to create a home you feel comfortable having guests over again.  No more isolation and shame that comes from overwhelming mess.

You'll face what's been going on inside, how it's connected to why you've had such a tumultuous situationship with your stuff, and you'll go on a deep introspective journey to begin to make lasting changes that will finally stick.

You will have me right there doing this workshop with you in a gentle, loving, and supportive Facebook community with other people suffering from the same issues.  

You will learn to enforce and practice these new habits with love and support, keeping your home in this more uplifting new way, as you clear the old dysfunctional ways. 


You will begin to heal the correlation between your trauma and/or dysfunction and your mess.   As your place looks better, you'll feel better, more energized, and you will notice the rest of your life change for the better as a result of this important and often overlooked inner work.  

You'll learn how to use the new skills you learn here as a soothing tool of self-care, healing, and self-love.  

Image by Chewy

Commit to the FREE "From Chaos To Calm:  Creating Your Sanctuary Home Three Day workshop" and let's start this journey into an important aspect of self-care and self-love that many of us didn't learn as kids. 

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