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Join the FREE Scrub the Dysfunction Away Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Do you have difficulty expressing your needs and getting them met, not just on Valentine's Day, but year-round?  


Your needs, desires, and wishes matter!   You deserve to feel loved and adored.  

Do one or more of these sound like you?  

You love all the passion and romance of Valentine's Day and are hoping that your partner will do something nice for you, but bracing to be disappointed.  

You usually give more than you receive in your relationships, and Valentine's Day is a bitter reminder of how unappreciated you usually feel in relationships.  

You are dating somebody new and don't want to come off as too demanding or high-maintenance.  

You are in a long-term relationship and missing the passion you used to share.  

You are single, don't want to repeat toxic cycles of the past, and are looking to manifest a healthy and balanced relationship full of the warmth you crave.  And you want to enjoy your Valentine's Day either way, solo or on a date.  

Whether you are single, newly partnered, or partnered for years, how can you get better at communication, expressing yourself, and getting your needs met?  

Commit to this 5-day challenge and find out how.  

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